Program Support

The Ethics and Compliance Program's foundation rests on the support of several committees and individuals both at the Corporate level and within the facilities. 

  • The Audit and Compliance Committee provides guidance to the Company regarding the direction of the Company's ethics and compliance and quality of care programs and receives regular reports regarding the status and welfare of the program.

  • The Corporate Ethics and Compliance Steering Committee is comprised of senior management at the corporate level and is responsible for setting the direction of the ethics and compliance program, receiving reports regarding monitoring and auditing within the program and approving major expenditures.

  • Facility Ethics and Compliance Committees
    Each hospital and each patient account service center has a Facility Ethics and Compliance Committee (FECC). The FECC is responsible for overseeing implementation of the ethics and compliance program within its facility.

  • Corporate Ethics and Compliance Officer
    Alan R. Yuspeh serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer.

  • Responsible Executives Individuals within the corporate office have been identified as the subject matter experts in particular areas of compliance risk and named Responsible Executive for those areas of risk.