Each HCA colleague is required to receive 1 hour of "orientation" training on our Code of Conduct, A Tradition of Caring, and acknowledge review of the Code of Conduct within 30 days of employment. Participants learn about the major components of the Code of Conduct, how it can be used to guide decisions and actions in specific situations, and what actions are appropriate to take when a violation of the Code of Conduct is suspected. To help support the facilitation of a successful training session, we have developed various resources, including presentation materials, online training, and facilitator materials and guidance necessary to organize and deliver this program in the most effective manner.

Every year we conduct 1 hour of annual Code of Conduct "refresher" training for all of our approximately 180,000 employees. Each year we continue to try and find new and exciting ways to deliver Refresher Training in order to keep the topics fresh and interesting for our employees. The theme for 2012 Refresher is “On the Path to Greater Respect and Inclusion,” with the focus on how employees at HCA can stay on the path to demonstrating greater respect and inclusion through increased knowledge and awareness of certain HCA policies. The training will serve to increase participants’ awareness of how to deal with everyday situations that challenge their ability to demonstrate respect and inclusion. Staying on track with the help of our mission, values and policies is important to our personal and organizational success.

The training uses video segments, including executive introductions into four topics (ADA, HIPAA Privacy, Substance Use and Political Views) that will be reviewed and discussed. The training is designed to be highly engaging, whether a participant attends a facilitator-led session or takes the online course.

For more information regarding HCA's Code of Conduct training, please contact Kristen Bentley, Ethics and Compliance Training Manager,at kristen,bentley@hcahealthcare.com

For HCA Facilitators, you can download the Articulate install file.

For 2016 Orientationm, you can download the Articulate install file.

HCA Code of Conduct A Tradition of Caring provides guidance to HCA colleagues and sets forth ethical and legal standards. We encourage you to read our Code of Conduct and see the high standards by which HCA colleagues live.

International Calls
Individuals who wish to call the Ethics Line from outside the United States should follow these Instructions.